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For Students Applying to the Class Starting in February 2019



Application Timeline

December 2017: Applications Open

Winter 2018 - Fall 2018: Interviews

February 2019: UQ Ochsner Start Date

**If you have not taken your MCAT, you may start your application by submitting your signed application, essays & transcripts directly to MedEdPath. Download the application and watch the How to Apply video for details.


Application Requirements 2019

The Minimum Requirements to apply for February 2019 entry are:

1. MCAT score of 504 taken in one sitting
2. MCAT exam date of January 2016 onwards
3. B average
4. B.A. or B.S. degree earned since 2009 for the 2019 entering class



• Interviews will be conducted February – October 2018 and space is limited.
• To be eligible for an interview, you must meet the minimum MCAT and GPA score requirements for the 2019 Cohort.
• Applicants may choose to interview via Skype or On-site at Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans.
• Applicants must be a US citizen or permanent resident.
• MCAT scores must be earned since January 2016.
• Bachelor degree or higher must be earned since 2009.



Annual Tuition for the February 2019 cohort of UQ Ochsner: $67,456 USD


About MedEdPath and Applying to the UQ Ochsner Program

MedEdPath is the US representative for The University of Queensland School of Medicine and handles all applications for the UQ Ochsner program.

• There is no fee to apply.
• Applications must be printed and mailed to the MedEdPath office in New York City. Download the application and watch the How to Apply video for details.
• Electronic Transcripts as well as any questions regarding applications may be sent to [email protected].


This information is updated as of 03/01/18.




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